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Enjoy Hassle-Free Payroll and Tax Management

SD PAYROLL SERVICE LLC takes care of calculating all of your federal, state and local taxes, as well as giving you access to filled out tax forms. We can also make all necessary deposits and filings on your behalf if you choose, including all year-end processing such as W-2s. We always stay up to date on all of your payroll information with the many reporting options available. These include earnings, tax, benefit, accrued time, payroll journal reports, and many more.


• Manage onboarding and tax documents like I-9s and W-4s

• Handle reimbursements, bonuses, and other payments

• Paycards & Online Portal Access (for Pay Stubs)

• Help administer benefits and 401(k) deductions

• Website Design & Maintenance

• Be able to run payroll on your schedule

• Calculate taxes and withhold them from employee and contractor paychecks

• Deduct payments for benefits and wage garnishments

• Pay both employees and contractors

• Pay all your employment and payroll taxes

• File all your payroll tax forms

• Send year-end tax forms to employees and contractors

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